What is DIY?

DIYrealty is a new and innovative way to sell your own home. DIYrealty allows you to list your property on Australia’s most visited property websites for a nominal fee and offers you “a la carte” services to help you sell your home. That means you get as much or as little assistance as you require.

Will this work for me?
  • Do you think you could hold an “Open House”?
  • Do you think you could show your home to prospective buyers/tenants?
  • Do you think you could showcase the features of your home?
  • Do you think you could make arrangements to have people view your home?


If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you’re well on your way to selling your home the “DIY” way.

Although real estate agents provide many useful services in the selling process of a home, they also perform many tasks that you could do yourself, saving you thousands of dollars in commissions. 

How much can I save?

Those savings can add up to thousands of dollars. Go to our Savings Calculator to find out how much. In fact, on a home sale of $500,000 those savings can be well over $15,000 and on a home sale of $1,000,000 those savings can be well over $30,000. (based on a sales commission of 3%)

Do I need any legal advice if I am selling my house or property privately?

Yes, you do. Before you list your home, always seek the services of a Legal Property Practitioner (solicitor/conveyancer) to find out if you have any legal obligations to carry out before offering your home for sale. Also that same Legal Advisor can assist you in preparing contracts and supporting documents when you have negotiated a sale. All states are different so be sure that you engage an advisor in the state that your property is in.

So how do buyers contact me?

Most all buyers search for properties online and once they have decided that they are interested in your property they will send through an enquiry. Once we receive a telephone call or an email enquiry we will pass on the details to you straight away. We do keep a database of all enquiries on your specific property, in the event you need them in the future!

Is selling your own home time consuming and complicated?

No. We have 4 easy steps.

  • Decide on your package or choose from “a la carte” items and additional services.
  • Check out with your basket.
  • You will then be directed to our property uploading site where you will provide more details about your property as well as attach your text and photos.
  • We will then upload your property on the agreed websites. Once the enquiries come in we will forward them to you (via SMS and email) straight away so that you can provide additional information and/or organise an inspection!
How many photos can I upload to my listing and what size should they be?

In most cases 8-12 photos are plenty but you can load up to 24 photos. Make sure they are landscaped orientation and all the same size. For internet advertising we require photos to be between 300KB and 600KB, for print advertising and photo signboards, the larger the photos the better. We do advise and strongly recommend that you hire a professional photographer to take your photos – a small investment paid to attract so many more buyers!

I’ve listed my property and I can’t see it on the internet?

We will upload your listing straight away, however, some of the internet sites can take up to 24 hours to process a new listing. If after 24 hours you still do not see your property, please contact us to troubleshoot.

I’m getting offers, what do I do?

Congratulations this is the exciting part! We do recommend that you seriously consider every offer prior to accepting, rejecting or counter signing. You can contact any buyer via telephone or email and of course at any time throughout the process, if you need some professional advice or simply feel overwhelmed contact us for personalized assistance. Please visit our “a la carte” items, and select the“Negotiate and Communicate” service.

Once you’ve settled on a price you will need to complete some paperwork which we strongly recommend that you engage the services of a conveyancer/solicitor to legally complete your contract.

Is DIY realty a Licensed Real Estate Agency?

Yes, absolutely.

Sell your home the DIY way!