8 Big Projects on the Sunshine Coast:
by DIY Realty

1. Horton Park Golf Club

Horton Park Golf Club vacated Maroochydore to make way for the new CBD and moved to Bli Bli, where it changed its name to the Maroochy River Golf Club.

2. Muller Park upgrade

The Sunshine Coast Council has spent $1.5 million at Muller Park at Bli Bli, upgraind the roads, installing new electric barbecues, and on a new children's playground with indigenous references. The park is also home to the Maroochy River Rowing Club, a junior rowing club.

3. Streetscaping

Sunshine Coast Council is looking at spending $1 million on streetscaping in central Bli Bli.

4. Cutters Ridge subdivision

Cutters Ridge, a 170 lot subdivision between the David Low Way and Petrie Creek, was completed in 2015. Facilities include a children's playground and walking trails, while caneland on the creek bank has been rehabilitated and handed over to the council.

5. Halcyon Landing

Halcyon Landing, an over 50s village comprising 171 homes with a retail value of $95 million, has been completed. The award-winning complex includes cinemas, a gym, pool tables, bar, bowls green and 25m lap pool. Vendors have achieved profits of about $100,000 on resales.

A second over 50s village, Halcyon Lakeside, is under construction in Parklakes II. Nearly half of the 231 homes have been sold.

6. Wetlands upgrade

The dirt road to the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary has been sealed and the boardwalks, which were starting to age, have been upgraded to wheelchair compliant standard. Nearby, the rural fire brigade has moved into a new shed and the tennis clubhouse has been upgraded.

7. Parklakes

The 650 lot Parklakes I has sold out and only about 70 lots in the 440 lot Parklakes 2 are left. A top playground, which will include public toilets, is being constructed lakeside, along with a tapas bar. A Catholic school is expected to open for the first term of 2019. There are plans for a 100 lot subdivision adjacent to the school, and a further subdivision with an RV home park opposite Parklakes I.

8. Bli Bli Village Centre

Construction is due to begin in April on the the Bli Bli Village Centre development, comprising shops, medical and allied health premises, a tavern and residential units.

The Village Centre will be built in three stages and will include 250 carparks, taking some of the load off the nearby River Markets Shopping Centre. Another development is also under consideration opposite the shopping centre.

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