Additional Services

Pricing your Property Consultation

Setting the appropriate price involves the evaluation of numerous different factors … and it’s critical. Set the price too high and it will sit unsold and develop the identity of a problem property, with the accompanying stigma of what real estate agents call a “stale listing”. On the other hand, price too low and you may give away thousands of profits to a total stranger. Either way you lose. This is why we offer a “pricing your property consultation” and we will help you set your price!

Price : $49
Negotiate and Communicate on Offers

DIYrealty makes it easy for buyers to submit offers. You can deal direct with them or you can remain anonymous – the choice is yours.  It is simple - we contact the buyer on your behalf and we negotiate as well as have them make a written offer to purchase for your consideration. The offer to purchase will include more specific details of their offer. Such as purchase price, pest, building, finance conditions, if any, as well as any other special conditions, deposits as well as settlement time frames.  You then review the offer and either accept, deny or countersign! Once all the contract terms are negotiated you would then send it off to your conveyancer to prepare a formal contract!

Price : $249
50 Professional A4 Flyers

Present your property in style with these high quality flyers that come straight from a professional printer. The flyers will include all the key features of your property, including photos, property description and most importantly contact details. They are perfect for handing out at open for inspections, giving to friends/family as well as a letterbox drop in your immediate area (quite often a neighbour knows someone who wants to move into the area). Printed on 150gsm paper


Price : $79
Professional Advertising Script

Have your marketing script professionally written by an expert and have a choice from 3 different headlines and up to 3 revisions on the text!

Price : $99
Personalised Expert Advice

As part of our commitment to provide excellent service we are available 7 days a week, which of course includes weekends and public holidays. We do realise that selling your home is very important and sometimes you have to work with buyers straight away and quite often questions and advice are required after normal business hours. This price includes 4 hours of online or over the phone professional consultation. Additional time can be arranged if required.

Price : $199