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NO COMMISSIONS! Its simple, fast and affordable!

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Weekly campaign reports
Unlimited managing of your listing
Unlimited advice and phone support
Property report
SMS alerts and email forwarding
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Do you want to sell your land, house, apartment or unit but don't want to pay exorbitant real estate fees?
You can sell your property yourself with DIY Realty.
We service Australia Wide and will take you through the realty process to sell with ease.

We offer our clients experienced and exceptional service, we strive to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them and
to ensure that your experience is both profitable and satisfying. We will save you thousands over traditional real estate brokerages
while also providing you with professional real-estate advice and support. We believe a do-it-yourself approach in marketing your home is a
cost effective strategy for a property owner, compared to paying a percentage of the selling price to a real-estate agency.
Regardless of what your property is worth, the process is always the same and can be performed by someone that is not a real estate agent. Contact us NOW!

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It's time to make a smart investment 

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